17 Reasons Why Gardening Is Fun

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Beyond the joy of seeing your seeds and seedlings grow into mature trees, herbs, or shrubs, gardening can be pretty entertaining.

Seeing all you sowed come to fruition, in itself, is undeniably amusing.

But there are many other reasons why you may enjoy gardening.

So, you are trying to persuade someone to take up gardening as a regular activity. But you are unsure of what to say. We’ve got information that might help.

Here are some ways gardening can affect you positively.

Happy gardeners having fun working in plants and flowers garden shop

Why Gardening Makes You Happy

Do you sometimes feel inexplicably happy when you garden?

Well, it turns out you are not the only one who feels that way.

Your inexplicable garden happiness might have a rationale backed by science.

Some studies have shown that 2 substances (serotonin and dopamine) might be released when you work in your garden.

The said substances are chemical messengers in the body that play various roles in improving mood.

Research has also suggested that getting your hands dirty in the garden might be one of the reasons gardening makes you happy.

Getting down and dirty in the garden may raise the levels of serotonin in your body.

This, in turn, makes you happier. The elevation in serotonin levels is facilitated by the soil bacteria called Mycobacterium vaccae.

While these bacteria can promote happiness in you, they can also cause infections. So, be wary of this.

Some studies posit that the brain releases dopamine when people harvest produce from their gardens.

It is thought that the sight or smell of your harvest can trigger this release. Even the actual harvesting of the yields may stimulate the said response.

Also to note, we have a sentimental attachment to everything we own, even our gardens.

To see the garden you own flourish or fail is sure to affect your emotions accordingly.

Woman with hoe at the flowerbed in the garden

Is Gardening Good for Mental Health?

A report published in the Mental Health Journal suggests that gardening is good for mental health.

This study involved over 300 participants, with over 80% reporting improved mental states.

Gardening has been touted to help reduce stress, depression, and anxiety while improving mood.

Some studies even report that gardening may help improve motivation and confidence.

The possible involvement of dopamine and serotonin in gardening supports the notion that it is good for mental health.

Both chemical messengers, serotonin, and dopamine, are naturally occurring antidepressants. So, it goes without saying that as their levels rise in the body, one is less likely to be depressed.

It has also been said that gardening can put one in an altered mental state – something like meditation. This is positive since regular meditation is touted to be a great way to improve how the body handles anxiety and stress.

17 Reasons Why Gardening Is Fun

1. A great way to give back to nature.

It does not get more eco-friendly than growing plants and planting flowers.

You beautify nature with colorful flowers, and you help improve the atmosphere with the greens.

2. A means through which you bond with family and friends

Senior woman with grandaughter gardening in the backyard garden.

Starting a garden with your family or friend while sharing the responsibility of ensuring it thrives offers a shared goal you can bond over.

3. An extra outdoor activity or game to add to your list

You can have a game based on various gardening activities with your loved ones.

This is another way to bond, compete, and have fun all at the same time.

4. Garden crop makes for great gifts

The flowers will always be right for your significant other and loved ones. Having these items just outside your house where you can readily pick can be very cool.

5. Gives significant control over how your landscape looks

With this control, you can design your yard any way you want.

You can plant only flowers, you can plant flowers and greens, and you can pattern them as you desire.

Also, you are not stuck with a few types of plants forever – you can choose to grow new types of plants if you want.

6. Makes things easier when switching to a healthier diet

Whether for health reasons or just because you want to, you will have a source of fresh food items readily available to you.

Plus, you can tailor the garden to suit your needs; you could plant the crops you want and get them as fresh as they come. Also, you can reduce the cost of getting groceries.

7. Fresh ingredients for better tasting meals

Of course, the better your meals taste, the more enjoyable they are.

8. A great way to exercise your body

Senior couple gardening in the garden

Every activity involved in gardening involves you moving.

You have to get up, sit, squat, lift some objects, and move back and forth.

Gardening also involves your mind: you have to think and come up with plans for your plants.

The good news is after exercising, your body will feel good from all the endorphins released.

9. Satisfaction with seeing your seeds finally germinate

It is even more satisfying when you successfully nurture them till maturity.

10. It can be an escape from everything and everyone

Whenever you feel like having some alone time, you can spend that time in the garden with the plants.

Plants do not talk, and they most likely will not bother you.

11. Reach an elevated or altered state of consciousness

The experience may feel like you are meditating or practicing yoga.

12. Relaxing garden ambiance

Imagine yourself in a garden of fragrant flowers, listening to birds chirping away – serene, right?

13. Burns calories

The CDC states that one can burn as much as 330 calories from 1 hour of light gardening.

Imagine how many calories one could lose from heavy gardening.

14. Studies from different sources state it can help reduce the risk of certain diseases

Senior couple gardening in the garden

It goes without saying, but life is more fun when we are free of diseases.

Gardening reduces the risk of heart diseases, stroke, high blood pressure, osteoporosis, stress, dementia, and many more.

15. Teaches integral life value

So, beyond the usual gardening activities, one can learn about patience, determination, hard work, and care and enjoy it.

16. Fun way to hone math skills for kids

While planting, for instance, they could calculate plant spacing, the number of plants to be planted per row, and much more.

17. Involves a lot of organization and planning

So, if you want a fun way to teach kids these things, you can involve them in the gardening process.


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