5 Tips for Getting Rid of Lizards in Your House

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Lizards are great for insect control, no doubt. But for many people, the presence of lizards indoors is understandably creepy and needless.

Now, before you go poisoning or smashing the lizards in your house, we must let you know that these wall crawlers are vital to the environment. For one, they help control the insect population. Besides that, they can potentially reduce the prevalence of some diseases.

The truth is, we are trying to discourage you from hurting lizards. If you want to get them out of your house, we have some tips that can help. Of course, they do not involve a lizard or any other animal getting hurt.

The rest of this article covers tips for getting rid of lizards in your house and much more.


Why Do Lizards Come In the House?


Lizards come into the house for various reasons, but one of the top reasons is food. Lizards mainly feed on insects, spiders, and worms. So, if your home is infested with such pests, lizards will get attracted and find their way in.

Besides insects, worms, and spiders, lizards may also be attracted to come into your house if you leave leftovers lying around. Leftover vegetables and fruits are an open invitation for lizards to appear indoors.


If lizards find a suitable source of water in your house, they will come in. Water sources like dripping pipes and pet bowls can encourage lizards to move indoors.


If your home offers many dark, cool spots, then you may develop a lizard problem. Lizards love the cover provided by such areas. This is why you may find them in or behind cupboards and other furniture.

common lizard on wall

Can a Lizard Survive in the House?

Lizards can survive in the house. As long as there is enough food and water, they will thrive barring any harmful external factors.

Where Do Lizards Hide?

Lizards hide in cool, dark, hidden spots. Their hiding areas are typically small and covered. So, you may find them under furniture, in closets, cabinets, and vents, around potted plants, and other similar places.

When Do Lizards Sleep?

Most lizard species are diurnal, meaning they sleep at night. But some species are nocturnal since they are more active at night.

5 Tips to Get Rid of Lizards in the House

Remove Their Food Sources

It goes without saying, but one of the most effective ways to get rid of lizards is to remove what attracts them into your house. More times than not, what attracts them is food.

Lizards love eating bugs, spiders, worms, and similar animals. So, if your home is infested with any of those, you must get rid of the infestation. You can try removing the bugs yourself, or you could get pest control to do that for you.

Besides bugs and worms, lizards are also attracted by leftover food. Therefore, ensure you cover or dispose of leftover foods properly. Vacuum any areas that may contain drops of food, and store your food in tightly sealed containers.

Without any source of food, lizards will most likely send themselves packing out of your house.

common house lizard on a wall

Block Their Points of Entry

Instead of waiting for the lizards to come in at all, block all possible points of entry. If the lizards never enter your house, you won’t have to think of getting rid of them.

Plus, if you succeed in getting them out, blocking their entry points will prevent a relapse. In the end, your lizard problem will be permanently fixed.

When searching for the entry points of lizards, pay close attention to even the smallest spots. Lizards have small flexible bodies. So, they can enter your house through even the tiniest holes. You may find weather-stripping sealers and caulk useful when blocking the entry points.

Get Rid of Their Water Sources

Besides removing their food sources, get the water sources of the lizards out of the way. Fix leaky pipes, cover open water sources, and keep hidden spots in your home dry.

Without water and food, the lizards will be forced to leave your bouse.

Use Lizard Repellents

If you want to actively get lizards out of your house, you may have to use lizard repellents.

Lizards find some scents repulsive, and you can use these against them. Thankfully, there are many natural sources of such odors.

Lizards dislike the smell of Tabasco. So, you can prepare a Tabasco hot sauce solution and spray it around their entry points. Just mix the sauce with some water, and you have your repellent. You can use other hot sauces in place of Tabasco hot sauce. You may also use pepper powder.

Another natural repellant to drive lizards out of your house is naphthalene balls. Lizards are deterred by the intense odor of these balls. So, if you place naphthalene balls around your home, the lizards will be out in no time.

You could also prepare balls made of tobacco and coffee and place them around your home. Lizards hate the smell of coffee and tobacco, so this should also push them out.

Natural Lizard repellent in the market

Some Popular Repellents Are Not Effective

Now, you may have seen or heard that the smell of eggshells drives lizards out. Well, this is not very accurate.

Lizards are undeterred by eggshells. In fact, by placing eggshells around your home, you may just be encouraging the lizards to stay. The lizards may just snack on the eggshells.

Just like eggshells, baking soda is not an effective repellent for lizards.

Some sources say peacock feathers can scare lizards out of your house. But this does not always work. (source)


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