11 Uses for a Greenhouse

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If you’re on the fence about building a greenhouse, you should know that they’re used for a lot more than growing tomatoes when it’s cold outside!

Greenhouses are a great addition to any property if you’ve got the space. Talk to anyone who has installed a greenhouse, and they’ll tell you how much fun it is and how handy it’s become.

There are several benefits of having a greenhouse. They come in all different sizes and can be customized to your yard or however big your property is.

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If you love gardening, and you’re beyond having an herb planter on your kitchen shelf, then having a greenhouse will allow you to stay busy and keep growing things all year no matter the weather outside. It’s great for people in more challenging climates.

Having a greenhouse is also a fantastic place for you to focus your gardening efforts. They help thousands of people stay focused and organized with their vegetable gardens, flowers, or whatever else they are planting.

For people thinking about whether to get a greenhouse, here are 11 uses to help you make the decision.

Your Gardening Workshop

One of the main benefits of having a greenhouse is that it’s a dedicated space for your gardening hobby.

For many people, their greenhouse is a place where they can go to meditate and garden in peace. They keep all of their tools and other supplies inside where it’s nice and organized.

Some people are particular about the way their yards look, and they don’t want shovels or vegetable plants taking over a well-manicured grass lawn.

With a greenhouse, everything has a dedicated place and it enables you stay organized.

Father with small daughter working outdoors in backyard, gardening and greenhouse concept.

A Greenhouse Protects Your Tools

In addition to keeping your plants growing all year, a greenhouse is great for keeping your tools safe and dry when it’s raining or snowing outside.

It’s not smart to leave expensive gardening tools or power tools used to make gardening beds out in your yard and we all know how easy it is for a garage to get crowded and overrun with “stuff.”

A greenhouse will keep your garage cleaner and protect your tools so they will last longer.

Year-Round Garden

Of course, one of the biggest reasons people build or buy greenhouses is that they let them garden all year no matter the weather.

If you’re addicted to a certain seasonal flower or vegetable, your greenhouse will make it so you can keep growing them even when the outside weather isn’t optimal.

Grow Exotic Plants

What if you live in a dry climate where growing something like orchids outside is virtually impossible? If you have a greenhouse, you don’t have to worry about outdoor weather limitations.

You can zero in on how much humidity and sunlight you need, as well as adjust the temperature inside so you can grow a wider array of flowers and other plants. With the right greenhouse, the sky’s the limit as far as what you can grow and when.

Young man gardener watering potted plants in greenhouse

Protection from Predators

If you’ve ever lived somewhere with deer, squirrels, rabbits, etc., you know how hard it is to protect a thriving garden from hungry animals. They always seem to find a way to get in a munch on whatever you’re growing.

It doesn’t matter what type of fencing you put in or whatever other types of deterrents you try, they find a way.

In a greenhouse, your plants stay safe and secure from would-be predators. You won’t have to worry as much about animals getting close and ruining your crops.

They Save You Money

Do you love flowers and have to have them in a vase on your counter all year? Getting the flowers you love can quickly become an expensive proposition, especially when they are out of season in stores. You’ll pay a premium for those roses or daisies that you love so much.

In a greenhouse, you can cut down on your flower bill by growing the flowers you love all year.

With a bit of planning, you can make sure you’ll always have a supply of vibrant flowers to decorate your home with at all times.

Custom Layouts

It’s hard to change an outdoor garden once you get it started. When roots take hold, it’s difficult to move plants, and some plants don’t do well transitioning to new areas or soil.

With a greenhouse, you can customize where things go and change their spots much more easily.

Many greenhouses come with interchangeable beds and shelves to help you move things around without too much trouble. It’s great for people who change what they are planting often or like to rearrange the way the flowers look every so often.

Good for You

The more time you spend outside, the better you will feel. A greenhouse stops you from being cooped up in the winter when it’s cold outside. You can go out to the greenhouse every day, get in some steps, and enjoy a hobby you love to boost your mood and get some exercise.

A greenhouse will help you avoid any seasonal depression along with all of the other benefits they provide.

A girl in an apron works in a greenhouse planting trees.

Grow Plants From Seeds

A big challenge that beginner and even experienced gardeners face is getting seeds and sprouts through the first few weeks of life when they’re more fragile.

It can make getting over the hump so much easier, and you can start growing things that you wouldn’t typically attempt for fear of them dying too soon.

With greenhouses, you get a more stable environment where conditions are more predictable for your plants. That means you can try new seeds that you wouldn’t otherwise and see higher rates of success. 

Extend Your Growing Season

If you’re wanting to plant green beans for a season or give squash a try, planting them in the greenhouse extends the normal season and will usually yield a better crop.

You can also make more mistakes because you’re not so worried about a specific time window. If you want to try a new configuration, soil levels, or a different fertilizer, you have more space to experiment with your gardening.

 woman doing yoga exercises at the greenhouse

Make It a Yoga Studio

Yes, you read that correctly. If you want to take a break from gardening, a greenhouse still has many purposes.

A lot of people use their greenhouses as a sort of home extension. It’s a place where their kids can play. People use greenhouses to store bicycles and other outdoor toys. Some folks even convert them into a home office or a yoga studio.

It’s not too much trouble to run electricity into a greenhouse, and you can move out some of the gardening beds if you need some more space while you use it for something else.

Some people use their greenhouses as a sort of outdoor picnic space during winter. They can still enjoy a meal outdoors even if it’s freezing cold outside.


There are a ton of different uses for greenhouses.

They’re versatile structures with various custom options for everyone.

If you’re thinking about building or buying a greenhouse, you can take comfort knowing that, even if your plans change, you will still get a great deal of use out of your greenhouse for years to come.


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